We operate a simple and transparent pricing structure for .UK domains, as follows:

1 Year @ £6.00 + VAT (£7.20 including VAT)
2 Years @ £12.00 + VAT (£14.40 including VAT)

Web hosting is normally arranged separately at additional cost.

Our IT support customers get web hosting for free. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are provided free of charge.

All domains names can be combined with Office 365 Email services at a cost of £3 + VAT per month per mailbox / user.

When you register or renew a .uk domain name you are entering into a three party contract, between yourselves, DataConnectivity Ltd and Nominet. Nominet are the governing body for .uk domains and issue .uk domain names on the condition their registration and renewal rules are adhered to

At the run up to your domain name renewal we'll start emailing you to tell you that your domain is coming up for renewal. You will need to opt in to the renewal otherwise you risk your email, web and DNS services going down. We try to provide a grace period of 14 days in case you forget or you're away and unable to deal with the reminder notice.

In the event that you want to cancel a domain name, simply email us at least 3 working days before the domain name is due to renew and we will make sure everything is cancelled for you. You will need to download your data from the website hosting service otherwise you will lose this when the domain cancels.

With regards to email you also need to make sure you have any emails that you need saved locally onto your computer or other hardware that you have direct control over.

When your domain comes up for renewal the renewal cost will be clearly displayed to you in any communications. We would normally hope to provide the same cost as you originally purchased the domain name at, however this price may change based on any changes to our costs, such as price increases from Nominet.

If you need to transfer your domain name away from us, to another registrar, then this is no problem. Simply create a support ticket and send it to us, at least 7 days prioir to the renewal date, and we will update the tag and confirm that this has been done. Once the tag is changed you then need to contact your new registrar and complete the order process with them. Any remaining time left on your web hosting service will not be refunded as we deem each period to be a minimum term. There are no hidden penalties for doing this.

If you have reason to suspect that one of our customers domains is being abused or is part of an attack on your own systems you can email to tell us about the problem. Please note that whilst all emails are read and processed it is not always possible nor appropriate to provide a response however we will take action where possible and we have the legal right to do so.