Providing onsite and remote support for telephone systems
with extensions of 2 to 2,000

Our partnership with 3CX makes our experience
with telecommunications second to none

We provide high-quality, high-volume inbound and outbound VoIP services to our customers. Our geographically resilient network has significant TDM interconnects with national and international Tier 1 and Tier 2, resulting in a competitive low cost-per-minute service offering.

We provide a carrier grade SIP trunking service hosted on our IP Voice network. The TDM backbone circuit spans several UK sites and is based upon a multi-site resilient architecture using TELES core switching nodes, supported on a multi-vendor (Cisco, Juniper, Brocade) routing and IP switching fabric. It also features:

  • Resilient Connections up to 14 BT exchanges for inbound voice
  • Multi-carrier access for outbound traffic
  • Failover routing, supported by our layer 2 IP network
  • Enterprise-class IDS monitoring (intrusion detection)
  • Over 600,000 parameters monitored per day to ensure smooth systems operation

VoIP phone systems need a way of connecting to the Public Services Telephone Network (PSTN) so that they can be used to communicate with people outside of your organisation. We provide ethical service so there aren't any catches, long-term contracts, or penalties for exceeding your call bundle.

A single SIP Trunk is £6.35 + VAT per month, which includes 4,000 UK Landline and UK Mobile Minutes per month.

  • Eliminate costs associated with traditional line rental (ISDN2, ISDN30 etc)
  • Customer-focused pricing model
  • No long-term contract
  • Easy integration with existing phone systems (gateway may be required)
  • Future proofing technology

BT Openreach recently announced that the ISDN30 service, used by so many businesses, is due to be retired by the end of 2025.
The replacement to the ISDN30 service will be SIP Trunks. These are similar to ISDN but the call is routed over your business’s internet connection. At DataConnectivity, we believe that in some instances, there is still a very strong business case for using ISDN30, including scenarios where call quality and reliability requirements are paramount.

ISDN30 doesn't have to be expensive. We can leverage our access into the BT Openreach network to seamlessly transfer the billing of your existing ISDN30 services to our platform. This achieves significant cost savings and gives you an agile approach to scaling your line capacity up and down to suit the needs of your business. When transferred to us, the typical pricing starts from £12.50 per channel per month.

The PSTN Analogue Line is still the backbone of most business broadband connections and can also provide connectivity for your fax machine and alarm systems. It's easy to find yourself overpaying for this service and perhaps even easier to find yourself locked into a long-term contract costing you more than 50% than it should. Typical pricing starts at £10 per month per line.

Some businesses find themselves locked into long-term line rental contracts, expensive call rates, or have committed spends. We've been very successful at helping to negotiate our clients out of these long-term contracts and/or minimum call spends. We've then been able to switch them onto a least cost routing plan, slashing their phone bills considerably. Typical all-inclusive call bundles start at £7.50 per month per line per channel.

We're an AQL services partner and can provide low-cost SMS text message credits to use with your existing AQL account. SMS integration with your internal ERP systems can help convey information quickly and accurately to stakeholders. We've helped roll out this technology across many vertical markets, including agriculture, haulage, financial, and engineering.