Token Based IT Support 

Token based support allows you to pre-purchase blocks of hours in advance, at a reduced rate on our standard Ad-Hoc costs.  Tokens typically last for 12 months, after which 25% of any remaining tokens can be carried over into the next period, as long as another batch of tokens is purchased.

For businesses with less than 20 mailboxes this option also provides you with our remote monitoring services, for an unlimited number of devices.

This token based service is extremely popular with larger entities that wish to have access to IT expertise to supplement in-house IT teams or to get help on a regular basis with one particular technology, such as your telephone system.



  • Remote Monitoring Included (<20 Mailboxes)
  • Priority 2 access access to your designated engineer

Typical Costs

12 Tokens / Hours (minimum purchase)

24 Tokens

36 Tokens

48 Tokens

Remote Monitoring Service included for businesses with up to 20 Mailboxes