Managed IT Services

Traditionally IT service companies would charge on a time and materials basis.  This meant that every time your IT went wrong the IT company would get paid.  This was hardly an incentive for the IT team to be proactive and attempt to prevent IT problems from happening.

DataConnectivity turned this on it's head and put the control back in the hands of the customer by offering managed IT services back in 2006.  Now 10 years later we are the go to IT service company for small and medium sized businesses across the East Anglian region.


  • Fixed monthly Cost for all of your IT
  • Your IT services provider now has an active interest in preventing your IT from going down
  • Prioritised Support
  • Unlimited Device Monitoring (workstations, laptops, servers, network devices, Internet Connections)
  • Secure DNS Service which blocks malware
  • Centralised AntiVirus Security Software
  • Designated Engineer with backup from a larger team of IT experts
  • We charge per mailbox which means you can have unlimited devices and staff without incurring extra costs
  • We'll help with ANY IT problem
  • All in one management service

Typical Pricing

All Pricing includes DC Sentry Security Service (AntiVirus, Secure DNS and Antispam), Internet Connection and Office 365 Email Application.

3 Person Office
£195 per month

10 Person Office
£510 per month

20 Person Office
£970 per month

50 Person Office
£2,050 per month

100 Person Office
£5,100 per month

150 Person Office
£7,650 per month