Shared Web Hosting Status Updates

Load Balancer Performance Issue

25/07/2017 08:21:  The load testing has shown that the underlying problem still exists.  If your website is affected and you would like it moved to another server then please contact us in the normal way.  Thank you.

25/07/2017 07:41:  The load balancer issue has been partly resolved and is now undergoing load testing.  All sites are currently available (and have been since approximately 10pm yesterday).  The situation is being monitored very closely.  Thank you for your patience.

24/07/2017  17:36:  Our shared web hosting services are currently having problems with their assigned load balancers.  This is affecting approximately 2% of the sites that we host and we apologise for the problems that this will be causing our customers.  Our Dedicated and VPS customers are not affected by this issue.  This problem has been ongoing since the afternoon of 23/07/2017.  System admins are working on the issue and we hope to update prior to 8:30am on the 25/07/2017.  If you're experiencing another problem or would like to make sure that we know about your site having issues please contact our IT helpdesk using the form below or your normal helpdesk email address.

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