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Cambridge based IT and VoIP systems integrator, providing high quality service, support and innovative cloud technology solutions.

IT Support

Traditionally IT service companies would charge on a time and materials basis.  This meant that every time your IT went wrong the IT company would get paid.  This was hardly an incentive for the IT team to be proactive and attempt to prevent IT problems from happening.

All services can include the following:

  • AntiVirus,
  • Secure DNS
  • Patching Service
  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Office 365 Email & Calendar Sharing Applications. 

These solutions help keep your business data secure and operational.

Established for 15 years, with noble reputation, we are the go to IT service company for small and medium sized businesses across the East Anglia region, including Cambridge, Norwich & Peterborough.



  • Fixed monthly Cost for all of your IT support
  • Your IT services provider now has an active interest in preventing your IT from going down
  • Prioritised Support
  • Unlimited Device Monitoring (workstations, laptops, servers, network devices, Internet Connections)
  • Secure DNS Service which blocks malware
  • Centralised AntiVirus Security Software
  • Designated Engineer with backup from a larger team of IT experts
  • We charge per user which means you can have unlimited devices and staff without incurring extra costs
  • All in one management service

Project & Contracting Work

If you're a larger business or perhaps are usually self sufficient for your day to day IT needs, then you can utilise our extensive experience by deploying our engineers onto your next IT project.  We can help with just about anything Microsoft and networking, including but not limited to:

  • Exchange Online Migrations
  • Office 365 Adoption and Roll Out
  • Desktop Image Deployment
  • Network Switch Installation
  • Router and Firewall Setup and Configuration
  • Leased Line Equipment Installation
  • Split DNS Integration
  • Telephone System Deployment
  • Internal IT Helpdesk Holiday Cover

3 to 300 Users

24/7 IT Support Helpdesk Service

In today's remote working and flexible working work patterns your staff need access to an IT helpdesk that's working when they are.  This is why we've introduced Cambridge's only 24/7 IT Helpdesk service.  

This service will help your staff remain productive even when they choose to work non standard office hours.  This service is also ideal for Retail.

3 to 300 Users

Extended Helpdesk Opening Hours - 8:00am to 6:00pm

If you don't need our 24/7 IT helpdesk service but would like to stretch the times that the IT Helpdesk is available to you then you can choose our Extended Helpdesk service.

This service is ideal for businesses that start earlier than most and finish later.  It's a great stepping stone between standard hours and our 24/7 service.

Typical Issues that our Helpdesk Service handles


  • System Error Messages
  • Network Access Issues
  • Remote Access Problems
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Telephone System Queries
  • WiFi 
  • System Resets
  • Sage Problems
  • Virus Issues
  • Office 365 Application assistance
  • Password resets