Business Internet Services

Delivering supersonic speeds, whether you choose to take ethernet leased lines or Fibre broadband for your business, you’ll benefit from a cost-effective solution powerful enough to support the reliable transportation of data, internet or voice traffic.

Fibre Based Broadband

Fibre broadband comes in various forms including fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and direct fibre.  

FTTC and FTTP are best effort services and are reliable for standard business use.  You'll rarely experience downtime but you may find speeds fluctuate at peak times.

Direct Fibre is for businesses of 10+ employees who have heavily adopted cloud technology and require ultra reliable connectivity to the Internet and the services they use to complete their day to day tasks, such as Office 365.


Fibre brings many advantages, including:

  • Lower latency (excellent for time critical applications such as Voice and Video
  • Faster throughput
  • Service Level Guarantees (depending on product)

Typical Costs

Up to 80Mbps FTTC VDSL Connection = one-off £25 Activation / Migration & £29.50 per month thereafter.  1 Year term applies

50Mbps Fibre Leased line = Free Installation, Cisco Router and DSL backup line = £300 per month. 

100Mbps Fibre Leased Line = Free Installation, Cisco Router and DSL backup line = £450 per month.  3 Year term applies

200Mbps Fibre Leased Line = Free Installation, Cisco Router and DSL backup line = £780 per month.  3 Year Term applies

DSL Assurance Platform

Our Assurance platform delivers enterprise grade DSL connectivity to individual sites and branch offices.  The assurance platform can link in with our leased line platform to provide seamless IP failover capability.  The assurance platform also offers fast response to troubleshooting, onsite engineers and loan business grade routers where appropriate, and router configuration backups and software updates.  This service carries a premium on our standard DSL services.

General Guide to our Premium Leased Line Service

This general guide sets out the service levels aimed for in relation to the provision of DataConnectivity’s Premium Leased Line Service. Any performance indicators mentioned are provided as a guide only.  No contractual obligation, other than that created as part of your agreement, should be relied upon and these details are provided only to detail the quality that we work towards when sourcing and supplying your Premium Leased Line Service.

  • 100% uptime, subject to scheduled maintenance and events beyond our control including actions by the customer, their agents and / or other 3rd party’s
  • Access to peak bandwidth at all times
  • No Less than 5% packet loss as measured over a continuous 15 minute period
  • 24/7 Fault Reporting with 4 hour Response Time
  • Integration with our DSL Assurance Platform for IP Failover Capability

Compensation is available in certain situations, from our suppliers, when they fail to meet their obligations to us.  Where appropriate we will claim the maximum amount available under our own contractual arrangements with relevant 3rd party suppliers and any payments received will be passed to the customer in line with the agreement / contract that has been entered into, usually in the form of credits.