Draytek Security Vulnerability Update - 18th May 2018



Do you use a Draytek Router in your business?

Draytek announced that all of their major models of router, including the 2830, 2860, 2862 and 2925 models have a security vulnerability.  This vulnerability seems to allow unauthorised users to change settings on the router and launch a Man in the Middle DNS attack.  They could also setup backdoors into your network.  Drayteks response to this issue has been exceptional, advising users of the problem, and issuing new Firmware for both new and older models.  Many manufacturers would have only released Firmware for their current models.  This shows why Draytek devices are a good investment for small businesses.

You can read more about the vulnerability here, directly on the Draytek website:  https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/security-advisories/kb-advisory-csrf-and-dns-dhcp-web-attacks

If you require our services to help you update your firmware, we are charging a fixed £32.50 + VAT fee for remote assistance (please note that our contracted support customers will receive assistance as part of their ongoing service).  This service will help you get back into your router, remove the security threats, check settings and update the firmware.  

Alternatively you may download the new firmware directly from the Draytek website by following the relevant link for your model from this page: https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/downloads

A full listing of Draytek Firmware can be found here:  ftp://ftp.draytek.com/

For further help and assistance please contact our Cambridge office on 01223 750000.