DataConnectivity drives MS 365 & EMS solutions as UK SME’s lead in harnessing the benefits of technology.

DataConnectivity drives MS 365 & EMS solutions as UK SME’s lead in harnessing the benefits of technology.
Microsoft EMS

UK SME's drive technology adoption.

Research commissioned by PowWowNow, the conference call provider, highlighted a change in attitudes towards technology within SME businesses across Europe. (Reported in UK Tech News, Nov 2019)

In the UK, 75% of SME’s now believe that driving forward integrated technology tools and solutions, such as cloud working and cloud telephony, will be crucial to them over the coming years.

UK SME’s leading the way!

In the report, the UK is running ahead of European counter parts in terms of both the mindset of business leaders and their actions when it comes to using technology.

UK SME’s are driving forward the technology agenda for two main reasons.

1) There are cost benefits and savings to be achieved from the efficiencies you can gain working with the right technology for your business.

2) There are employee benefits to the business to embracing technology gained through staff retention.

Employee demand!

Employees in the UK are seen as the key drivers within SME’s, aiding the focus towards the adoption and greater use of technology.  People are more demanding of the companies they work for, in terms of flexible working and remote working.  They also have clear ideas as to how they should be able to access their work data and where they should be able to carry out their tasks.

Employees are looking for the simplicity of the world they experience as consumers and do not accept that their user experiences should be different in the work place.

This driven attitude of UK employees is very different to those in Germany for example, where individuals are less attracted to work for organisations because of the technology solutions they are employing.

UK businesses see investing in the workplace, offering greater working flexibility through remote working as key.  Businesses see the flexibility and increased productivity that technology can deliver, allowing technology to aid people to perform at their best and generate greater returns.

Five facts to invest!

If you are in any doubt about IT investment, then consider the five facts that make investment in technology and IT the crucial route to success.

1) IT reduces costs

2) IT Improves customer retention and revenue

3) IT reduces risk to the business

4) IT makes the business easier to manage

5) IT supports employee attraction and retention  

Customers benefit too!

UK SME’s also recognise the strong benefits to customers.  This can be realised both in terms of sales generation, customer acquisition and customer retention. Harnessing technology for sales and marketing functions helps to drive business.  Technology can also drive research & development and product development, which in turn propels business forward.  Driving technology forward can also be pegged to driving down the cost of customer acquisition.

Fundamental to success.

In Business Matters Magazine Online, June 2019, Tim Vine the Head of Trade Credit at Dun & Bradstreet outlined how investing in technology is more vital to SME’s than it is for larger organisations.

Making a better use of technology is fundamental to the future success of SME’s and it presents significant benefits that can give SME’s competitive advantage.  In the article, Vine sites five key reasons;

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Security
  3. Long-term cost saving
  4. Supports innovation
  5. Provides solutions across all aspects of business operations

There are barriers to technology, that are noted by SME’s.  These include the cost of some technologies, the reliability of emergent technologies and the staff training aspects.

Microsoft Office 365 & Office 365 Enterprise, Mobility & Security (EMS)

Microsoft Office 365 and the new Office 365 Enterprise Mobility & Security platform offers a very cost-effective solution to collaborative working, file sharing, business ease of communication, and most importantly, with Office 365 EMS, significant added advanced security.

The security benefits and cost savings of Office 365 EMS will demonstrate immediate ROI to customers.

David Moss, Managing Director of DataConnectivity explains:

“As a company we are working with a number of vibrant SME’s across Cambridge, Peterborough and Norwich, helping them take their IT strategies forward.

We are taking the lead with Microsoft Office 365 - Enterprise, Mobility & Security (EMS). Office 365 EMS represents the most secure and solid platform for SME’s.  Microsoft is now leading the way in offering protection across all devices that access your data, even if that device is owned by an employee, for example a personal mobile phone that accesses your network via the Outlook Web Application is protected with Office 365 EMS.

The new additional features include, scanning the dark web to ensure you are secure, and checking that your multi-user login credentials have not been shared or breached.  This feature is key and not widely available within other software solutions.

Our adoption of MS Office 365 EMS is driven by our care for our customers, it enables us to offer proactive support and demonstrates that we are leading the way in IT Support & Security.”

Microsoft Office 365 EMS – find out more.

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