New Cyber Essentials Service

New Cyber Essentials Service

Cyber security continues to be a hot topic during 2020. Following a continued number of high-profile companies' security measures being compromised. This emphasis continues from last year, the year that saw Capital One bank suffer the largest data breach in history.

Cyber Essentials Certification has never been more relevant for business and is now a must for organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, whether your data is on your premises (physical servers) or in the cloud.

The UK government body focused on Cyber Security has published reports confirming that organisation size is now irrelevant. Everyone has the same risk of being targeted in a cyber-attack however the larger businesses have most secured their systems, which leaves small and medium-sized businesses that haven't addressed their Cyber Security level at a greater risk.

An important factor that businesses should consider is how their systems interact with the wider environment. With connections linking suppliers, or even linking into your customers. It is critical that you must be able to prove to every organisation you work with, that you are not the weakest link when it comes to security.

Ensuring that threats are evaluated and that strategies are implemented, especially around employee (user) training is critical. This can be difficult, especially for fledgeling or smaller enterprises, however, this is where working with experts, focused on ensuring that they gain their Cyber Essentials Certification is a great way of starting 2020.

DataConnectivity, IT Security & Support specialist based in Cambridge and Peterborough, is ideally placed to support organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, to navigate the process to become Cyber Essentials Certified.

Peter Mangles, Customer Champion at DataConnectivity:

“Security has been a critical factor for many years, with a number of high-profile organisations falling prey to attacks and security breaches. Cyber Essentials allows organisations to establish a base-line for their security that can both protect and guide their IT strategy and begin to demonstrate their focus on IT security across their business.”

Cyber-attacks are not likely to decline, so businesses must take heed and make the security investments and enhancements required to protect themselves, their data and their livelihoods.

For more information on how DataConnectivity can implement Cyber Essentials in your organisation call is now on 01223 750000 or 01733 595121.  You can also complete our Contact Us online form.

You can read more about Cyber Essentials directly on the government website Cyber Essentials Website here. (opens in a new window).